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Group Week Info

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Playing music games together is fun.  And important for musical development.  And with a lot of piano students who don't get as much ensemble practice, I wanted to present opportunities to do things with other musicians.  We combine in small groups (10 maximum) to share and create something new.  We brainstorm together to come up with new sounds, rhythms, melodies and harmonies together with the aim of producing a group project based on a particular theme.

The final product of group week will be a video of little snippets from all the groups from that term that you will be able to access below (only available on this web site, not YouTube or any other platform) and share the link with your family and friends. Often the video component will just be hands on the floor with instruments but sometimes, depending on what we are creating, it may be a wider shot with all the kids. If you do not wish you/your child to be on the actual video part but still want to attend the group and join in the fun of creating music and learning more about rhythms and reading, you are still most welcome and I will make video arrangements to ensure you are not on screen.  Your wonderful sounds can still be included.  Please let me know prior to the day if this is the case otherwise it will be assumed that by booking in you will be part of the whole video process, not just the workshop part.  

After the workshop/activity/recording part, there will be an opportunity for all participants to share some music with the rest of the group on whatever instrument they are learning (not recorded unless you wish to attend and use your own phone/camera, just for use with your own child).  There is no pressure to do this but it is encouraged so current students or other people have a chance to show others what they have been working on.  This is not a big, formal concert but concert etiquette like bowing, posture, attitude and smiles are still taught, expected and enjoyed.  

Each session will run for 1hr and 15 mins on various week-day afternoons/evenings

and costs $30 per child.

See the calendar for more details about this year.

Contact me to inquire about getting involved so I can get to know you and can place you in the best group suited for your age/stage.

Check out the link below to see past videos made with the awesome group week kids!

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