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Sounds Like a Veggie Garden
Sheet music available here

Volume 1

Clever Carrots
Op.1 No. 1

Descending scales ... like carrot roots running down into the soil

Leafy Lettuces
Op.1 No. 3

Curly contrary motions like round leaves growing out from the centre

Growing Tomatoes
Op.1 No. 5

Intervals, growing from steps and getting bigger to almost octaves

Speedy Spinach
Op.1 No. 7

Quick slurs and runs, full of energy and light finger work

Pouting Potatoes
Op.1 No. 9

Fat, grumpy roots and inversions in major and minor chords

Capsicum Traffic Lights
Op.1 No. 11

Red, yellow and green ... round root positions changing tempo

Roly Poly Turnips
Op.1 No. 13

Rolling roots and inversions,
all white and crisp

Bouncing Brussels Sprouts
Op.1 No. 15

Little staccato sprouts holding on to a central stalk 

Celery Stalks
Op.1 No. 2

Ascending scales ... like strong 
green stems of celery growing up

Green Beans
Op.1 No. 4

Sequences running up and down like little bean tendrils

Squishy Squashes
Op.1 No. 6

Squishy sounds and patterns, jumping all over the piano

Climbing Beans
Op.1 No. 8

Overlapping hands like the vines of a bean plant getting tangled

Breeze Through a Cornfield
Op.1 No. 10

Cantabile sounds, peaceful melodies and 6th chords

The Thoughtful Avocado
Op.1 No. 12

Pondering root chords with a "skin" and a "seed"

Coordinated Kale
Op.1 No. 14

Curly contrary motion arpeggios,
spreading out to 4-note chords

Moving Gingerly
Op.1 No. 16

Sticky finger substitution being careful to plan where to land next

Joyful Cucumbers
Op.1 No. 17

Happy 7th chords over a famous theme by Beethoven

Op.1 No. 19

Peppery repeated notes and
mirror image

Sweet, Sweet Potato
Op.1 No. 21

Multiple melodies singing sweetly along with each other

Volume 2
Peas Please
Op.1 No. 18

Snappy staccato and legato passages bouncing all over the place

Pumpkin Patch Pounce
Op.1 No. 20

Good chord practice for looking before you leap!

Garlic Breath
Op.1 No. 22

Stinky steps/2nds and squishes
that kind of linger ...

Beautiful Beets
Op.1 No. 23

Sweet skips/3rds that alternate between staccato and legato

Asparagus Reflections
Op.1 No. 24

Mirror image of 4ths rippling in the water reflection

Obstinate Onions
Op.1 No. 25

5ths in a foul mood, with layers of skins and syncopated rhythms

Zany Zucchinis
Op.1 No. 26

Super excited 6ths and 6th chords in the mood for a party

Warm Chillies
Op.1 No. 27

Smooth 7th chords with a spicy bite to them 

Happy Herbs
Op.1 No. 29

Flavoursome fun ornaments in a Scottish sounding dance

Bold Broccoli
Op.1 No. 28

Awesome octaves/8ths with a focus on strength and stamina

Rude Radishes
Op.1 No. 30

Inconsiderate interruptions, syncopated on a theme by Haydn

Complex Cabbages
Op.1 No. 31

Slowly growing complexity and polyrhythmic contrary motions

Raindrops and Sunshine
Op.1 No. 33

Light staccatos and legatos in a sparkling 
sun shower

The Compost Heap
Op.1 No. 32

Strange smelling sounds and slimy glissandi

Garden Critters
Op.1 No. 34

Quick patterns and descriptive sounds like little bugs & beetles

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