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The Studio

Stuff that happens here:


Fun & games!

Chaos & order!

Noise and silence!

Learning & practicing!

Creating! Composing! Improvising! Exploring!

Piano, flute and cello stuff!

Theory, writing & reading stuff!

Rhythm & percussion stuff!

Solo & ensemble stuff!

If you're looking for little snapshots to give you an idea of the feel of this wonderful space, click here

If you're looking for specific policy and fees info click here.

If you're looking for what this year's calendar looks like click here.

If you're looking for info about group workshop click here.

At present I have a growing waiting list of people wanting to book in for private lessons but I'm still happy to chat with you about you/your child if you are wanting to inquire about one-on-one lessons here at the studio.  I do have some other recommendations if you are not wanting to wait for a time slot to open up or I can let you know about possible groups that would suit your child if they want to join in with the group workshops.


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