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Policy & Fees

By arranging and committing to a time slot at the studio you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below so please, grab a cuppa and take time to read each dot point below so any work we do together can run smoothly. 


  • My goal when I take on a new student is to offer engaging, informative, efficient, and fun lessons, tailored to the needs and desires of you and your family.  I look forward to helping you/your child to develop all the aspects of musicianship: theory, memory work, technique, aural training, reading, improvisation, performance and expressive playing.  I set aside the arranged time to dedicated to that person, and also take time before and after lessons to plan, prepare and keep progress going.  To help facilitate this, there needs to be consistency and clarity in making things run smoothly for everyone involved.    

  • By committing to an individual time slot at the studio there is the added commitment of practice/focused improving time at home.  This will be discussed in a meeting prior to any lessons going ahead.

  • Listening to recordings of what is being learned as well as other music related to what is being learned also helps maximise learning by ear and having a broader understanding of music.  I will regularly recommend YouTube links, recordings or send audio files to help with this.

  • Parental involvement in lessons and some at home, depending on your child's age/stage, is part of how I operate things and it is great to have clear and open communication about what's being taught and what is expected. Please be present both physically and mentally as you are a big part of your child's musical journey too and I do engage parents in lessons too.  Sometimes students work better without parental involvement in the actual lesson and this is discussed individually as needs arise.

  • Part of being involved with individual lessons includes access to the student login page on this site where you will be able to find past videos and other stuff. This is a members only page and will be something you will be able to refer to as you continue lessons at the studio.

Timetables and Cancellations

  • Every term is invoiced for the number of the weeks in the state school term minus one for the group week and a few more off for Saturday students so everyone can get a bit more of their weekends back (see calendar for specific dates, which are subject to change as the term unfolds). 

  • Please note that this is a flat fee for the whole term regardless of whether the lessons are attended or not. Cancelled lessons are added to a wait list of possible other time slots and I do let you know if something comes up within the term, which usually does happen.  But in the event that another timeslot doesn't work, these lessons are simply forfeited.  This helps to keep my schedule, record-keeping, budgeting, and my own family time with clear boundaries. 

  • Even though from an individual's point of view it may seem like one or two lessons missed that should be easy to squeeze in somewhere or just get refunded/deducted, from my point of view it can end up being anywhere between 20-70 lessons missed/shuffled each term which is not sustainable.  Private music teachers running their own businesses do not get sick pay, annual leave, usually have no income between November - February, and have limited workable hours outside of school times.  Hence the same rationale as school fees: it is for the term/set time frame and missed lessons get replaced only if it works for both parties involved.

  • If I am unable to keep the time commitment for whatever reason I will always ensure that I make the time up either during the term or during the holidays.  I will occasionally carry it over to the next term since it is I who had to reschedule.  

  • If you know in advance that you will be away for a certain amount of time in the term I can sometimes be a little more flexible before invoices are written as it give me a chance to organise other people in those time slots while you are away. And it also gives you a chance to be in the missed-lessons wait list earlier to take advantage of any other slots that come up before you go away. 

  • If a term has begun and invoices have been sent and you decide to go away or need weeks off the payment for the missed lessons is simply a holding fee so you have that time slot in the next term.  And if there is a change of circumstances mid-term there are other things I can offer: reviews/feedback of videos you send me or correcting theory pages that you send pictures of. 

  • Options for missed lessons include the following: I can sometimes offer mini videos or text/email new practice plan and ideas in that time instead.  Online (or even over the phone!) is always an option if it is simply a transport issue or mild sickness that hinders a lesson. Send a video of you/your child and I can send one back with feedback in the time I would have been spending with you. If there is a sibling who can take the slot I'm always happy to get to know know people and do rhythm games if they have no instrumental experience.  Or you can offer it to another student who you know from the studio (letting me know in advance of course so I know who is coming when!). 

  • You are free to choose to pause lessons for a period of time but please understand that all lessons per term are paid for and are considered a holding fee for that time slot as I will be still available for you/your child at that arranged time if you do resume later.  I cannot hold lesson times vacant for more than a term as there is a waiting list of people who may be able to use that time.   

  • If you decide to cease lessons before the end of a term the remaining lessons are forfeited as I have still scheduled that time in for you for the rest of the term.  No refunds are offered for the missed lessons.  If one sibling stops but another continues the extra time can be used by the continuing sibling but not refunded or transferred to another term.  

  • Zoom/online lessons are now a constant feature of the studio and can be used when face-to-face is not possible.  (eg. slight sickness, parental sickness, unable to get transport, etc). Online lessons are charged the same as face to face lessons.

  • Lesson times are pre-set before the term starts and arriving on time means we can maximise the time together.  Sometimes I do end up going overtime with a previous student if a learning task is taking a bit longer but I will always ensure you get your full arranged time.  If you are dropping off/picking up, please come in to the studio to do so as I don't just let kids wander out and wait indefinitely outside.  I cannot always guarantee that I am present here before or after the allocated time so very early drop offs or very late pickups (unless communicated about beforehand) become inconvenient or possibly disruptive to other students.  

Fees from January 2024

Solo/Individual lessons:

15 mins = $24

20 mins = $32

30 mins = $48

45 mins = $72

60 mins = $96

Overlap/Combined time

(for theory games, worksheets and activities)

15 mins = $16

20 mins = $22

30 mins = $32

Overlap Options, depending on age and stage:

15 mins solo + 15 mins overlap = $40

20 mins solo + 20 mins overlap = $53

15 mins solo + 30 mins overlap = $56

30 mins solo + 15 mins overlap = $64

45 mins solo + 15 mins overlap = $88

60 mins solo + 15 mins overlap = $112

Group-Week Sessions

(optional, and invoiced separately to individual/overlap lessons.

See here for more details):

75 minutes = $35

  • Invoices are to be settled within two weeks.  Feel free to discuss arrangements of split payments over a term if needed.  I'm always happy to discuss fee arrangements in regard to financial difficulty where applicable as it is always preferable to continue working together rather than cease lessons for financial reasons.   

  • Please do not adjust any invoices.  If anything is discussed and needs to be altered I will issue a new invoice to keep things simple for my records here.  

  • Overlap time is a pre-arranged agreement that fits in between a couple of individual lessons and is a great way to build community and have fun doing musical things with others each week rather than just solo. It's especially great for piano players who may not get orchestra or ensemble experience elsewhere.  This time is for theory games, worksheets, rhythm games and some playing of duets or trios. This time is charged differently as it is not individual time.  If one student is absent for any reason, the remaining student/s simply gets that time as solo lesson time instead and no make up time is arranged for the overlap time.     



  • My carpet, couches, instruments and books are all scared of any food and drink! So these need to remain out of the studio. Bringing a bottle of water is fine but it stays in the foyer/tiled area.

  • Please ensure your hands and face are clean before we start any work together.  

  • We are a family that removes shoes to minimise dirty floors and the foyer is a perfect place to leave them. 

  • Other family members are always welcome, provided they can keep themselves occupied, can learn to be respectful by not interrupting the time with the current student or can be looked after by an adult if needed.  Feel free to bring activities or make use of the shelves of books and games.  

  • Other instruments in the room are not to be played with during the lesson unless it is part of rhythm games and I have given prior permission. 

  • Students and their families need to remain in the studio/foyer/bathroom area.  The rest of the house is for my family ... and dogs! (who are sometimes noisy as they are excited you are here! But do not come into the studio while we are working together except if it's a special occasion and you want to play something for them!)  


​Thank you (and congratulations!) for reading the full policy and for taking the time to understand each dot point.  Did you get to finish your cup of tea? :-)  If you are a current student continuing or a newbie starting, let me know what colour Ralphie's bow tie is in the pic below (left dog) for acknowledgement that you've actually read the terms and conditions above ... and to receive a $10 congratulations discount on the first invoice in term 1 2024.



Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  

I do have a waiting list for the home studio at present and am not able to take on new individual students but I'm happy to chat with you and recommend some other teachers I know.  

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