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Sheet Music

All the sheet music below is for sale as an immediate PDF download, emailed directly to you.  They are for you to print out or view on a device, for your own private use only or reference if you’re a teacher. Not for resale elsewhere including publishing on another site, uploading sheet music on any another platform, or emailing to someone who has not purchased it themselves.  Thank you for honouring these conditions and helping support Australian composers setting up online sheet music businesses.


All video recordings are available here or on YouTube on Fiona Nicholson’s channel, and will remain this way so you/your students have easy access to the audio and visual of each piece to help them learn by ear before knuckling down with the note reading.  Listening is very important to learning to play well and you can view the purchase of this sheet music as helping go towards more time I can spend making further recordings and more healthy compositions for you to enjoy.

If you are a teacher, thank you for checking out some new repertoire that I hope you will find fun to teach and a new challenge you would recommend for your students.


I hope you get as much enjoyment out of learning and playing these pieces as I did

planning, composing, recording and illustrating them!

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