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Articles & Stuff

This page is for random articles I have written to encourage music teachers in their own studios as well as bits and pieces that will hopefully be of interest to other people too.  There are book reviews and recommendations, encourage-mints and tips for students, parents and educators, as well as other random funny things from the wild world of creative, artistic people out there.  Hopefully these pages make you think, grow, learn and smile.



For Students

This section is for any music students or just curious people who like interesting and unusual things about music.  I'll also include short articles of encouragement or ideas to help with learning music, practice tips, funny stories, cartoons, pictures, videos and other random interesting stuff.  Plus any cool stuff any of my students want to share with the world too.  

For Parents

This section is specifically for parents of music students.  I'll share thoughts and ideas about helping your child through their musical endeavours plus stories or ideas about parenting in general.  This could include book reviews and links to other helpful sites as well as what little bits of wisdom I've been able to learn from others in my own parenting journey. 

And funny stuff ... 'cos we all need to laugh sometimes! 

Especially parents!


For Teachers


This section is aimed at music teachers in particular, although any other teachers may find encourage-mint from stuff here too.  Having been in this profession, working in schools and running my own business for over 26 years, I have had plenty of time to find out what works well, what I love about this job, what I struggle with and what ideas may be worth sharing with others.  Plenty of teachers have taught me all kinds of helpful things and made me a better person as well as a better teacher so this is a platform to share some of those things.  I will include some book reviews, links to other helpful sites, videos, and of course lighthearted stuff to keep our energy high and our faces smiling. 

Music, the Mind and the Brain

This section is for those nerdy enough to delve into the little neuroscience I know and love, and what is relevant to music learning and teaching.  It's also for diving into topics regarding our minds, emotions, souls, spirits, creative sides, need for aesthetics, desire for beautiful and moving things in life.  I am a firm believer in music being a powerful force in our lives and this section will explore books regarding these topics as well as inspirations, videos and hopefully thought-provoking ideas that will get students, parents, teachers and musicians looking at the deeper aspects of the art of music. 


Funny, interesting stuff!

This section is probably the most important of all:

stuff that makes us smile, makes us laugh, makes us more curious, makes our eyebrows rise up, and makes us enjoy the musical life just that little bit more.  This is where I'll include all kinds of bizarre things that I find that relate to music as well as funny stuff and things that may inspire you to be super creative yourself in your own musical endeavours.

Or just make you smile ... 

which is worth the effort of sharing anyway!

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