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Group Week Videos

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Project 5 - Dec 2023

Jingle Bells ...
It's About Time!

Last group week before Christmas.  We played around with time signatures to the famous song. 

There's a quiz with this one.  Contact me if you

work out the answers as I have something to send you

if you get them right! :-)

Project 3 - November 2022


Spring is a wonderful season to grow things!

Our gardens, our skills, our minds, our friendships ...

This series of workshops was all focused on what we are

thankful for and what makes us smile

as well as growing the abilities of

rhythm reading, writing, creating and having fun.

Hope this video makes you smile.  :-)

Project 4 - April 2023

Easter ... 
still pending 
due to technical
difficulties ...

(easter eggs!)

Project 2 - June 2022

I Spy ...

Fun exploration of alliteration and rhythm-writing. 

7 groups, 7 letters of the musical alphabet, a ridiculous number of takes for each mini video and some awesome student artwork to go with it all!

Thanks everyone for your contributions!

Project 1 - March 2022

"1 2 3 4 5" 

This series of workshops was all about counting.

To 5, to 10, in groups of 4, 2, 1, sometimes

multiple counting at the same time (polyrhythms), and sometimes even backwards.

Super easy song, played out in not so easy ways.

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