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Sounds Like
Funny Fungi

Sheet music available here

Cute as a Button Mushroom
Op.2 No. 1

Only D and the two black notes

Champion Champignons
Op.2 No. 3

Only blacks, with a focus on stamina and control right to the end

Bring in the Black Trumpets
Op.2 No. 5

All blacks with a triumphant sound of different dynamics

Overlapping Oysters
Op.2 No. 7

All whites with hands climbing up and over each other in number patterns

Mouldy Muffins
Op.2 No. 9

Weird sounding combinations of whites and blacks  

March of the Mini Morels
Op.2 No. 11

B flat minor scale, tip toeing along with sequences

Polypore Variations
Op.2 No. 13

Polyrhythms of eventually 2 against 3 with growing patterns of complexity

Energetic Enoki
Op.2 No. 2

String of white notes then a little
2-black note "head" at the top

Shiitake Shenanigans
Op.2 No. 4

Cute combo of white and black notes in little clusters

Patient Portobellos
Op.2 No. 6

All blacks with a need to count the rests well and take your time

More and More Mildew
Op.2 No. 8

All whites, creeping along and growing bit by bit in number patterns

Clumsy King Oysters
Op.2 No. 10

Wonky sounding patterns of whites and blacks with some fun hand crossings

Toadstool Tales
Op.2 No. 12

Floaty, magical sounds of a forest with a mixture of white and black shapes

Dingle Dangle
Op.2 No. 14

Black and white shapes in a swinging feel using three different scale combinations

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