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Musical technical skills are usually honed through years of repetition and strength building.  Things like scales, chords, arpeggios and other warmups are an essential part of making the playing of music easy and intuitive.  But they can be boring to practice every day and I don't have fond memories of doing them over and over when I was a kid!  So, when something is not very interesting and seems like a chore, the best way to tackle it is to find some way of making it fun and more of a challenge since our brains love the challenge of learning and stretching. 


These technical practice tracks ("Tech Prac Tracks") are designed to give you a goal to work towards with your technical exercises: the ability to play a set of scales, chords or arpeggios along with a steady beat and backing track to make it feel more musical.  They have a variety of instruments and drum beats to make them interesting and there are well over 100 with different speeds depending on your skill level.  They range from beginners 5-note scale exercises all the way through to the technical work expected at 8th grade level in many exam syllabuses.  They are designed for piano and have a keyboard visual to go with them but they can also be used on any C instrument such as flute or strings as the scale and arpeggio patterns are the same, just starting on different octaves as needed. 

*** Subscription link coming soon ... when I finish editing well over 100 of them! ***

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